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Hoko app
Hoko app

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Hoko s.r.l. is a start-up company fully focused on digital payment solutions for multichannel retail market and more.

Hoko users are companies who hove to manage new issues of digital payments market as marketing tools integrated in their company’s ERP.

Teamwork: all every single complex component of digital payment system is aware about importance of others exactly like own. Like a rugby players team.

Hoko in Māori language (best rugby players in the world are inspired by Māori ethics) means: trade, money, exchange.

Hoko is the team exclusively engaged on digital payments.

Hoko was thought and created by professionals with international experiences, multiplex knowledge in information technology, digital payments experts, technology lovers and fully in love with teamwork. Hoko’s head office is located in Milan, Italy, also with developing offices in Center and East-Europe


Hoko realized a complete platform to manage all different digital payments.

Customer can pay with:

  • credit/debit card, in plastic or virtual on smartphone

  • with mobile wallet, while international

  • with full online transaction

  • with blockchain based virtual money

  • with complementary currency

A stores network can use Hoko Web console to obtain all information about comparing amounts, fee for each transaction, time value availability. Regardless of specific payment technology or media. “Scoring a try” in best integrated company management.


Hoko is operating since few months, with some users: also each customer is a player of Hoko team.

Hoko will be on the italian market starting from 2019, September, already with digital payment solutions available for international markets.
Until of 2020 first half will be released 100% of advanced functions, as AI functionality and PIN ON COTS solution.

What else? We have a developing plan for many years, with new solutions and stuffs already planned.


A complete suite of digital payment solutions: complete, safe, mobile & usable. These are the Hoko team players

Hoko Web console

Connected with each ERP system of each customer, and also with all functional components to manage a digital payment transaction (TMS, Acquirer, physical and virtual pos).
It shows and steady all data for each single digital payment transaction, managing information about net & gross transaction, applied fees, value day real availability.
Ready soon also “AI functionality”: for each single transaction, system will be able to suggest directly to user which bank account use, which national or international acquirer engage for a specific debit/credit card kind, which mobile wallet suggest to customer to obtain the best cash back.

Hoko app
Hoko app

Hoko Pos

We have already designed different pos for physical payment with debit/credit card.
Pay isn’t always a pleasant experience: at least it’s easy and fast.
All our mobile pos are designed to be used with all smartphones and tablets on the market, also with a specific ergonomic experience of use with Apple product with iOS operative system.
Available soon a new pos model, extremally small and pocketable, without keyboard and display: an advanced payment solution PIN ON COTS.

Hoko App

It’s the smarter part of Hoko solution.
Downloadable from Apple Store and Google Play, it’s possible direct and manage all different digital payments kinds.
And more, app is able to get data from bar-code or RFID tags, meanwhile integrating digital payments with all ERP who released web clients.
All this in “native” way and with no required development of software.

Hoko app

Hoko play on different fields

Mobility is our faith:
we can manage payments everywhere on the store, on the field, at the customer home.




Do you want to play in Hoko Team?

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